Devices PMU

Giant Sun Permanent Make-up Pigmentation Machine

Complete with mains, battery backup, 2 x small black pigment, oil for machine, 5 x 1prong Needles, 2 x 2 prong Needles, 1 x Needle Tube, 1 x Needle Sleeve.


  • Needle hole is visible.
  • The replaceable needle tube is removable for cleaning and disinfection. It is also available in disposable units.
  • Comes with variable speed switch on top of the device providing a hand and quick adjustment of speed.
  • To prevent back flow (natural) device comes with sponge which protect device.
  • The vertical “jump” of the needles assures a stable operation and enhanced friction resistance.
  • By pushing up or pulling down the protective tube, the needle is duly adjusted as a handy needle sleeve adjustment feature to insert the needle into the skin to a fixed depth.
  • All products are subject sterilization rules by sanitary requirement and are packed in units bearing disinfection instructions – please dispose after use.

Imported from Taiwan

INCLUDING NEEDLES – * Price depends on the course you are attending.