Plasma Pen Training Courses

What is Plasma Pen?

The Plasma Pen is a device that produces a plasma micro beam that is applied to the area of choice. This beam generates heat and causes sublimation of the outermost part of the epidermis (outer layer of the skin), without damage to the surrounding or deeper structures of the skin.

Plasma sublimation is a revolutionary method of cosmetic procedure that requires no cutting of the skin, and no injectable anaesthetics. Through the electric arc spark that is generated when the electric current comes into contact with the oxygen surrounding the skin, this electric charge vaporises/sublimates the skin causing tightening of the skin. Plasma Sublimation has allowed aestheticians to treat signs of ageing and skin complaints, without actually cutting the skin, hence the soft surgery name. Plasma sublimation devices have many uses including: eyelid reconstruction (Blepharoplasty), removing the lines around the mouth (Perioral lift), improvement in the appearance of many types of scars, face and neck lifts, lesion removal including Xanthelasma, skin Tags and moles, thread vein removal, tattoo removal, and treating a number of skin imperfections. Since plasma sublimation has such a wide range of therapeutic uses, it is really important to find quality in-depth training through an experienced aesthetic trainer.


1. To understand the theory behind plasma pen operation, its uses and modalities

2. To be able to effectively utilise the plasma pen for skin tightening treatments, scar attenuation treatments, as well as lesion removal and tattoo removal within your scope of practice.

Plasma Pen Treatment is a unique way to achieve excellent skin improvements through skin tightening and wrinkle reduction utilising electric arc electro-fulguration. This treatment is best performed on loose, sagging skin showing fine lines and wrinkles, to improve skin elasticity and smoothness through collagen stimulation – a powerful anti-aging treatment. It can effectively be used to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks, as well as be used to diminish tattoos through the ablation of the epidermis to enable the exposure of the tattoo pigments in the dermis, so that an effective thermabrasion technique can be applied.

Lesion Removal Treatment – Skin tags, moles, angiomas, sebaceous hyperplasia, syringomas, seborrheic keratosis, DPN, as well as Xanthelasma are all easily and effectively removed through electro cauterisation using the electric arc, minimising any bleeding and scaring.