Permanent Makeup Training Courses

What is Permanent Make-up?

Permanent make-up is a fast-growing part of the beauty industry and these treatments are rewarding and fulfilling to the therapist and enhances the client’s confidence by restoring features lost or compromised due to the ravages of time or illness, making a real and positive life-changing difference to the way that they look and feel. Micro-pigmentation can imitate natural brows and conventional makeup on the eyes and lips.

Permanent make-up is a cosmetic tattooing process using micro-pigmentation to enhance eye brows, eye and lip liner. We train you in becoming confident using both a manual method (Microblading and embroidery technique) as well as with a micro-pigmentation rotary machine. High Cosmetic Grade pigments are used and implanted into the dermis using a hand-held tool or pen or a rotary machine. Different size fine needles are attached to these devices to penetrate the dermis and release the chosen pigment, producing artificial eyebrows or to define eye or lip line.


1.) To understand the theory behind permanent micro-pigmentation, pigments colours, mixing designer colours, understanding warm and cool skin tones, how to shape and enhance eye brows, facial shapes, eye shapes and how to enhance these, as well as correcting uneven lips.

2.) To be able to confidently use both manual and machine devices; to micro-pigment the chosen colour into the desired make-up area.