Medical Tattooing Training Courses

What is Medical Tattooing?

Medical Tattooing is a tattooing treatment, whereby we concentrate on restoring certain parts of the body and face to resemble its natural condition. Areola restoration, scalp re-pigmentation, restoring areas of the body and face to resemble its natural state due to the auto-immune disease Alopecia, which causes hair follicle death on the face or scalp.

We aim, with medical tattooing, to restore the areola to resemble its natural state as close as possible, to recreate for example, eye brows where Alopecia has destroyed them to give the face a frame again or to re-pigment the scalp with fine small spots resembling shaven hair follicles.

This is an amazing rewarding medical aesthetic tattooing process – when you are able to achieve these natural looking restorations.


1.) To understand the theory behind medical tattooing treatments; mastectomies, auto-immune diseases such as Vitiligo and Alopecia and understanding how the skin’s melanin cells functions

2.) To be able to effectively tattoo areolas, scalp hair follicle resemblance, re-pigment areas of the body where there is pigmentation loss due to various reasons, including patients that have lost melanocyte activity due to burns or to be able to tattoo eye brows looking as natural as possible.

Medical Tattooing is a specialised permanent make-up/tattooing procedure, specifically designed to help improve self-esteem and give back confidence to those patients that have had to endure serious hard ship due to illness, disease or other factors outside their control.

We aim to restore as close as possible, some form of natural looking treated tattooed areas, for which the patient has a need and specifically comes to consult with you.