Devices Microneedling


The One Skin Pen is a respected and trusted device used by qualified aesthetic therapists and Medical Doctors. The new generation device has an integrated battery inside the pen, so no need to change batteries. It also features an extra Pause button which can pause the pen, and start at the current speed when you press the pause button again.
The larger battery capacity ensures longer use before recharging the pen. The battery power capacity status is on the screen, so you know exactly how much battery power is left. 9 power levels, pen parts made of stainless steel and a light-weight alloy.

The One-Skin Microeedling Pen uses an Integrated Reciprocating BLDC motor design to provide powerful needling without the risk of causing micro-scratches on the skin. The needle cartridge is integrated and locked into the Reciprocating BLDC motor which allows for consistent back-and-forth movement. This design makes sure each needle puncture has the same penetration strength with full needle retraction even at high speed.
Compared with other disintegrated spring-loaded DC motors, the back-and-forth movement of the needle is powerful, reliable and consistent.
Advantages of Reciprocating BLDC motor:
• Full needle retraction ensures no skin scratches
• Deep skin penetration
• BLDC motor is more efficient than DC motor: low heat, low noise, longer service life.