Beauty Therapy Fundamental Courses

Beauty Therapy Fundamental Courses

Beauty Therapy Fundamental Courses are aimed at therapists and medical professionals that want to refresh their knowledge of skin anatomy.

We focus on skin analysis by skin type and condition, the differences in skin structure, gender, ethnicity and aging, to be able to effectively treat your clients’ skin concerns and prescribe the best possible treatment protocol and home care.


1.  To understand the theory of the skin’s structures and layers and their functions,
To be able to differentiate between the different skin types and conditions, to be
able to analyse these correctly and to understand the skin’s aging process and the
factors that influence the well-being of our skin.
To be able to perform a basic facial with its different steps and to use the correct
product for the different skin types and conditions within each of these steps.

2. To be able to effectively utilise this knowledge in a skin facial treatments.

Facial Treatments give the skin a boost. Professionally cleansed, exfoliated and maintaining the skin’s functions and health. Correct advice depending on the individual skin type and condition as well as lifestyle, are important in giving your client the best skin care treatment and advise.

In Summary, facial treatments are tailor-made to each and every client’s skin type, condition and needs, effectively maintaining a healthy and radiant skin.